Project Description

Earthing (Grounding) Rod: Pure Copper / Copper Clad Steel

The electroformed copper grounding rod adopts a special electroforming technology to evenly cover 99.9% of pure copper on the low carbon steel core, so that the copper and the steel core are completely molecularly combined (if the two are not tightly combined, the galvanic reaction occurs, and the anode metal iron undergoes an oxidation reaction and becomes the loss of iron ions, which accelerates the corrosion of the steel core).

It has the characteristics of copper layer thickness (above 0.25 mm), good adhesion, and non-peeling (thread rolling).

The advantages include high tensile strength (≥600 N/mm2), strong corrosion resistance (guaranteed service life ≥ 50 years), constant low resistance and good plasticity, and it has the same performance as copper and It has the characteristics of steel.