Project Description

Tension Clamp: Al Anchor Clamp


The clamps are designed to anchor LV-ABC lines with insulated neutral messenger.

The clamp consists of an aluminum alloy open body with two self-adjusting insulating plastic wedges ensuring the clamping of the neutral messenger without damaging cable insulation.

The unloosable stainless steel flexible bail equipped with an movable insulating wear-resistant saddle and two sleeves compressed on the ends to be locked on the clamp body.

The saddle can allow installations of up to 3 clamps on a bracket. The clamp and the bracket are available separately and together as assembly. Maximum line deviation angles of 50°for single  and 100°for double anchoring, And it’s tool free installation and no losable parts.

The universal fixing of bracket by 2 bolts or stainless-steel straps of 20X0.7mm.