Project Description

6kV Polymer Station Lightning Arrester, Surge Arrester, Surge Diverter

Application of Lightning Arrester, Surge Arrester:

Metal oxide arresters are currently the most advanced protective electrical appliances for limiting over voltages. They are widely used in power generation, transmission and transformation, and power distribution systems to protect the insulation of electrical equipment from overvoltage damage. The organic enclosure metal oxide arrester is a scientific research result combining organic insulating materials and the technical advantages of the traditional porcelain-sheathed metal oxide arrester. It not only has the advantages of porcelain-sheathed metal oxide arresters, but also has good electrical insulation properties and dielectric High strength, anti-leakage, anti-electric corrosion, heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, explosion-proof, water repellency, good sealing performance and other advantages.

Lightning Arrester meets IEC 60099-4 standard.