Project Description

33-36kV Porcelain Drop Out Fuse Cutout

Application of Expulsion Fuse Cutout:

Generally, fuse cut-out contains following parts: (1) Insulator; (2) Metal parts; (3) Fuse tube; (4) Fuse element (link).

Connected with incoming feeder of distribution transformer or distribution lines, high-voltage drop-out fuse cut-out mainly protect transformer or lines form short circuit and overhead, and on/off loading current. Cut out fuse is composed of insulators and fuse tube/carrier. Static contacts are fixed on two sides of insulator support while moving contacts are installed on two ends of fuse tube/carrier. Fuse tube/carrier is composed of inner arc-extinguishing tube, outer phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass tube.

Covering rated voltages of 10 to 40.5KV for over current protection, fuse cut-out is divided in two types: Composite (Silicone rubber) type and Porcelain type.